Weekends ~ Friday 7-9pm Saturday 11-5 Sunday 10-4

Vasa 200-hour Teacher Training is comprised of 3 comprehensive modules.
*Full attendance to all 3 modules is required.

Module 1 ~ January 11- February 3
Foundations of Yoga 
Module 2 ~ February 22 - March 17
Asanas & Biomechanics 

Module 3 ~ April 12 - May 5 (Easter Sunday off)
Taking the Seat of the Teacher

$500 Non- Refundable Deposit due with Application.

Early Bird Pricing (before Dec. 11)
Vasa Studio members $2600
Non-members $2800
After December 11th $3000

For questions, application and to make a deposit email info@vasaredlands.com 


"Yoga teacher training at Vasa is difficult to sum up in just a few sentences, but I'll try.  I have practiced yoga all over Southern California and had been considering going through a teacher training program for years.  However, I was always held back by fear of the unknown: I didn't want to make such a considerable investment of time and money without certainty that the caliber of teachers and the quality of the overall program would be top-notch and aligned with my personal interests and priorities.  Enter Vasa 200-hour YTT.  I already knew that Lisa and Chelsea were incredible yoga instructors (and humans!), but they exceeded my expectations in every way during training.  I cannot imagine a more balanced, informative, and inquisitive curriculum or more welcoming, nurturing, and inspiring trainers and fellow trainees.  I can't recommend Vasa's teacher training program highly enough, to any yogi at any level of practice.  Whether you want to teach or simply expand and deepen your personal practice, Vasa YTT is the perfect next step!"  --Ashley Heggi

January 11- May 5 2019

Schedule and Pricing

I have tremendous gratitude for being able to attend the YTT at Vasa.  Classes dove deeply into the practice, culture, history, and teaching of Yoga.  Instruction was dynamic and exciting with a good balance of structure and flexibility.  It was impressive how much Chelsea and Lisa were able to teach us and the community of collaboration and empathy they created.  This was a profound experience that changed both me and my yoga practice.  --Tim Rogers


Purposeful and intuitive sequencing
Yoga Biomechanics and Anatomy
History, Philosophy, and Mythology of yoga
Confidence-building through practice teaching
The business of Yoga

​Every trainee will be required to teach a full-length class for the entire group and given direct and loving feedback from Chelsea and Lisa. You will emerge with your unique voice and be prepared to share the practice of yoga. Upon successful completion of the 200-hour training, teachers receive a 200-hour certification with Yoga Alliance. 

“ At 52 I started yoga once or twice a week to help with stretching while training for a triathlon. I began to not only feel looser, but the everyday aches and pains of recovery from training began to disappear.
As i kept up with it after my race and with some dietary changes , I started getting stronger, breathing easier and actually enjoying classes, and eventually signed up for Teacher Training to deepen my knowledge and practice.
At 55, I am now a certified teacher through VASA and have begun teaching and assisting classes. I use what Ive learned everyday in my medical massage business, and advocate all my clients to try or come back yoga for better health, lifestyle and peace of mind”
--John Webster 

Vasa teacher training will provide you with a comprehensive level of understanding and tools preparing you to teach with confidence. Teacher training is not just for those who want to teach, the experience will give you a deeper level of understanding and enhance your personal practice. In other words: immerse yourself in yoga study, find your path and make friends for life. This program will acquaint you with the many layers of yoga, giving you a well-rounded yoga experience provided by a caring community of mentors. Vasa teacher training will include introductions to pranayama, Hatha flow, restorative, ethics of teaching and much more…

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Learning about Yoga from a “Biomechanical” perspective is something I loved about Vasa Teacher Training. Learning about the “biomechanics” of Yoga sets the program apart from others. The teachers are knowledgeable and provide information in a format that is fun and easy to learn. Ive been able to apply the knowledge I gained not only in my personal Yoga practice,  but in my job as an Occupational Therapist as well. I was even asked recently to design a Yoga program utilizing “biomechanics” for a local high school football team. 
~Tracy Carlson

"My teacher training at Vasa was honestly life changing. I expected it would improve/expand my own practice. It was the relationships I gained, and the knowledge & support that Lisa & Chelsea shared with us that truly made the experience special. They lead from the heart in their classes at the studio, and teacher training was no exception. It was a journey dedicated to self-care and development.  I highly recommend taking a teacher training at Vasa no matter where you are in your practice!"  --Veronica Foster