Come join this unique and amazing yoga community and experience how it will enrich your life!

Vasa the Studio opened its doors on November 1, 2014.  Owner Lisa Vest has been teaching in the community since July 2011.  For Lisa her yoga practice is the most special and intimate thing in her life, so she wanted to create a space where every student feels welcome and safe to experience all yoga has to offer.  At Vasa you will find a very nurturing and loving environment with a strong focus on learning and being safe with the body.  The instructors are all highly trained and knowledgeable, but that does not mean we take things too seriously-  you will often hear the music booming and find students dancing in their down dogs! 

We have a lot to offer to make your experience as rich as possible.  Aromatherapy towels to cool you off after your practice, assistants helping and massaging during the classes, lockers to secure your personal belongings, newly remodeled dressing rooms, a plethora of different props and much, much more.​

Vasa offers a variety of classes for students at different levels along their journey.  We have kids classes, community classes, Yoga Barre, Prenatal classes, deep stretch classes, restorative yoga and many specialty classes as well as regular workshops and trainings.  We also offer Yoga Teacher Training starting July 2021, email us for more information.