This weekly class is offered by donation. We understand that many people are going through financial hardship at this time so if you are unable to pay right now we understand and would love to still have you participate in class. 

Recommended donation $5 per class. 

You can donate via PayPal HERE.

We so dearly appreciate your support during this time!

**Take a moment to clear your space and be cautious of surroundings as you move through your practice. Please note that participating in online classes you agree to our basic liability waiver.**

We appreciate your patience and will do our best to provide updates on the website, via email, and on Instagram as often as we can.

Live Streaming ASL Yoga 

Tune in live HERE on Sundays at 9am

Zoom Meeting ID: 773 2751 3234

Tuesday 8/11 ASL Yin Yoga with Jessie and Mara

Recommended $5 per class

Thank you!

Live Streaming Classes