We so dearly appreciate your support during this time. Our priority is making sure that classes scheduled below stream LIVE. All classes should run live HERE and are also linked on the schedule below. Instructor listed is subject to change.

**Take a moment to clear your space and be cautious of surroundings as you move through your practice. Please note that participating in online classes you agree to our basic liability waiver.**

**Please note that live streaming classes are being recorded, any video or audio that you participate in could be included in the recording.**

If your instructor loses connection please allow up to 5 minutes for them to try to reconnect with you, sometimes technology does things that we cannot plan for :)

Lower on this page you will see options to view pre-recorded classes as well as some fun tutorials and extras as we get them recorded and uploaded for you so be sure to check that section out as well! 

We appreciate your patience and will do our best to provide updates on the website, via email, and on Instagram as often as we can. Instructor listed is subject to change.

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Meditations, Tutorials, and Short Practices

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Weekly Live Class Schedule and Links

Previously Recorded Classes

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Prenatal Classes

Active Classes 

Holy Hamstrings!  Power Hour with Lisa 

Heart Opening Power Hour with Ashley

Sculpt Style Yoga Conditioning with Ashley

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Flow with Lisa One Hour

Feet Fun Flow with Angela- One Hour

Peaches Barre with Ashley- 45 mins

Shaky Legs Barre with Ashley 45 minutes

Repeat Repeat Repeat Power Flow with Lisa

Holy Hips Flying Pigeon with Lisa 1.25 hours

Stepped Up Salutations Yoga Conditioning with Ashley

Infinity Flow with Ashley

Cardio and Yin with Lisa 1.5 hours

Dance Party Barre with Ashley 45 minutes

Hamstring Power Flow with Angela

Ballin' Barre with Ashley 45 minutes

Hamstring + Shoulder Power Hour with Ashley

Shoulder Stamina Yoga Conditioning with Ashley

Obliques and Fun Standing Split Variation with Lisa

Cactus and Twists Flow with Angela

Shoulders and Inner Thighs Flow with Angela

Tricep Yin/Yang with Lisa 1.5 hours

Yoga Conditioning with Lisa

Happy Hour at the Barre with Ashley 45minutes

Power Hour Eagle Flow with Chelsea

Crunches and Core Yoga Conditioning with Ashley

Twisty Non-Stop Flow with Ashley 1.25 hours

Big Smiles, Big Backbends with Anastasia

Half Crow Flow with Ashley  1.25 hours

Cactus and Hips Flow with Angela

Hamstrings and Obliques with Lisa (1.5 hours)

Bis and Inner Thighs Barre with Ashley (45minutes)

Squat It Like It's Hot Yoga Conditioning with Chelsea

CORE CORE and more CORE with Lisa

Royal Dancer Flow with Lisa

Twisted Triangle Flow with Mary

Evil Goddess or Feel Good Goddess with Lisa

Teenage Side Crow Flow with Ashley

Side Plank Madness with Lisa

Glutes Galore Flow with Mary

Yin:Yang Hamstring Flow with Lisa 90 minutes

Rock the Block Barre with Ashley 45 minutes

Eagle Variations Flow with Ashley

Slidin' and Sweatin' Yoga Conditioning with Ashley

Leg Heavy Flow with Lisa

Feel Good Flow with Angela

Sunrise Side Body Flow with Ashley

Hip Work Flow with Mary

Floaty Flow with Ashley (90 minutes)

On the Legs Barre with Ashley(45 minutes)

Upper Body Yoga Conditioning with Chelsea

No Shoulders! Leg Focused Flow with Lisa

Tricep and Oblique Focused Yoga Conditioning with Ashley

Malasana Madness with Lisa

Better Than Coffee Flow with Ashley

Warrior III Flow with Mary

Back and Forth Barre with Ashley (45 minutes)

Flamingo Power Flow with Angela

Endurance Flow with Lisa