While Sarah never pictured herself as a teacher, it is a role she has grown to love.  In teaching, Sarah has found her authentic self.  Reaching out to instruct others has been a challenge that Sarah has come to love.  Her skills of observation, the patience she has developed through her life and her intuitive sense have all combined to make Sarah an amazing instructor.  One of her favorite aspects of her role is the inner strength she learns from her students.

For Sarah, coming to yoga is like coming home. Sarah has always naturally used her body as her instrument throughout her life. As a child, she participated in the Y Circus, doing acrobatics, high wire and trapeze.  Later, as an adult, Sarah’s father brought her to a yoga class led by Lisa. Not only was it a way to bond with her dad, but it was a reassuring, natural connection with her body and self.  During that class, Sarah experienced a yoga buzz right away. Lisa Vest, owner and teacher at Vasa, has played an important role in Sarah’s life she is not only her employer, but her mentor as well.  

Just as her dad lead her to yoga, Sarah has now been able to lead her family as a yoga instructor.  Yoga has been a source of life for Sarah.  It has given her an important role to fulfill, it has helped her continue using her body as her instrument and it has created an even stronger connection with her own family as well as the community of Redlands.​​